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Anniversaries Come and Anniversaries Go

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On April 06, 2020 I made a blog entry and wrote: “Little could we have known when the first shovel went into the ground that a pandemic was looming on the horizon. Yet, here we sit since March sequestered in a hold-and-wait pattern. As a result of the hiatus it becomes most unlikely the Dartmouth Heritage Museum’s Program Support Building will open on June 6, as previously scheduled.”

The Rooms at Evergreen, 27 May 2021

It is now close to fourteen months since the pen made those scribbles on foolscap. What was scheduled to be a grand opening on the 181st anniversary of the first known photograph made in British North America, becomes the 182nd anniversary ... and it too shall pass without fanfare. Little could we have known on April 06, 2020 that we would still be in a hold-and-wait pattern.

Regardless of the delays, a beautiful rustic building awaits the creative minded with a desire to explore the very foundations of “Sun Painting”.  Just when that might be is anyone’s guess, at best. Consultation with the finest crystal balls and the best tea leaves China has to offer suggest we might –just might—get to offer a workshop or two after September, 2021. Regardless of wishful thinking and speculation, all decisions will be made in accordance with public health directives.

In the interim, it is time to transplant some fern so we might have specimens in the nearby shadows from which to make Photogenic Drawings during the summer of 2022, just as was done in the first week of June, 1839.     

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