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About Us

Dale Wilson is the person behind Antique Pictureology, and he hastens to add some of the most respected wet plate artists working today are assisting him to ensure his web-based store has quality and necessary products at fair prices.

Dale has worked as a full time photographer for 28 years and has a list of clients and credits that befit that longevity.

It was in October, 2000 that he received a thank you letter from a young fan following a fund raising presentation in his Nova Scotia, Canada, hometown. Dale and his presentation partner were able to raise enough funds that night to install new playground equipment at the elementary school. It was a letter from then six-year old Breanna that created the name for this store. She wrote: “Thank you very much for raising the money for the school. I love all the pictures you took. You are a great pictureologist!”

By Breanna’s measure, Dale concluded that if he is a pictureologist then he must surely work in the field of pictureology.

And so, 15 years later that most treasured letter becomes the name of this store which will strive to provide the necessary tools for the earliest, antique, forms of pictureology.